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We provide Computer Diagnostics, Strategy based complete vehicle Diagnostics, Lab scope and extensive Diagnostic services, Factory computer programming & flashing, Complete Engine Performance Check, Electrical System Diagnosis & Repair, Cooling System Diagnostics, Maintenance, Transmission Repairs & more…

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Oil Change services, Tune Up Services, Brake System Repair, Tires Rotation, Tire Services, Suspension, Steering Repair including 2 or 4-wheel Alignments, Exhaust System Service or Repair, Pre-Purchase Inspections, Light to Medium Duty Diesel Repair, Service & more…

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We are an authorized “Federated Car Care Center”, providing its customers with written nationwide 24-months/24,000-miles parts & labor warranty. We also provide a Fleet Maintenance Program for all fleet service needs, providing service and repair on diesel Light to Medium size trucks.

European Car Care at United Auto Care

The market for European cars has never been hotter, and that is good news for drivers from all walks of life. Current owners of European vehicles already understand the advantages these great cars can provide, but plenty of new buyers are following suit and discovering the advantages of buying a car from across the pond.

From advanced safety features and state-of-the-art technology to premium engineering and exceptional reliability, European cars have much to recommend them. Then there is the legendary resale value, a factor that helps to make European cars the real value in a crowded automotive market. While buyers of lesser vehicles see their value eroded the moment they leave the lot, owners of European automobiles can recoup more of the original purchase price when it comes time to trade in and trade up.

Of course, a great deal of that resale value rests on the care the vehicle receives. European vehicles that have been meticulously maintained and come with extensive service records are far more valuable on the secondary market than those that have been neglected.

If you own a European car, you need to take care of it properly, and that means finding a technician who understands the inner workings of the engine, transmission and other major components. From Volkswagen and Audi to Porsche and Mercedes-Benz, from Saab to BMW, European manufacturers craft their cars to a higher standard, and those higher standards demand a higher level of service.

Whether you are coming in for a routine oil change or a major overhaul, United Auto Care can provide the quality service your European car deserves. We are your European auto repair experts, and our technicians understand the unique needs of these fine cars. They understand that the quality of maintenance your European car receives along the way could make a major difference down the line, and they strive to provide top-notch service each and every time.

If you need a quick oil change, United Auto Care can get you in and out quickly, so you can get back on the road and go on with the rest of your busy life. If you need your factory fluids checked and filled, we can top off your oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid and other vital liquids under the hood. If it is beyond hot and your air conditioning is not working, we can cool you off fast and make the needed repairs. If your brakes are not working the way they should, we can take care of that too – so you can drive with confidence and safety.

At United Auto Care, we understand the needs of European cars and the discerning drivers who own them. We know that your fine European vehicle is an investment in driving fun, and we strive to provide the top quality care your great ride deserves.


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